The produce will change with the seasons and demand but some things stay consistent such as the lettuce mixes.

   Contact your local grower and find out whats ready to harvest.  Here we know exactly whats going into our food which means we know exactly whats going into our mouth and it tastes like quality.

Stringham Organics

What We Grow

Our Facility, Our Farm

   We have found that the trick to doing things right is to make mistakes and do some things wrong!  In our spare time we spend countless hours in our system working out any issues that may arise.  In this way we stay prepared for the worst but work to make our product the best.

   From testing seeds to rearing fry we seek out the most effective solutions and put them to the test.  Its here that we've developed our own fish food and over time have created an effective formula that our Tilapia love, but don't take my word for it, take a look and see for yourselves.

Our Products


   Our Greenhouses are built to weather the storm.  Using top of the line materials our main objective is strength and durability.​